Why go to Chamonix in France and ruin your self when you can experience the Slovakian Alps better known as the Carpathian Mountains? Start your journey in Krakow and do a loop through the most unique cities of Czech Republic and Slovakia. On your way you will come across the forgotten mountains of Slovakia and the possibility of being the only traveler within hundreds of kilometers. You’ll finish off in Krakow, but not in the same state of mind as you left the Polish city.


Krakow - Poprad - Kosice - Bratislava - Brno

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Krakow: Shooting Range

We all must drain our inner anger from time to time. A shooting range in Krakow can help you with just that. A bunch of enthusiasts with a proper education in firearms will safely guide and instruct you on the shooting range. Pick anything from a small Glock to a classic Kalashnikov to a Sniper and get rid of the political correctness for just a moment.  

Poprad: Hike the High Tatras

Just outside of Poprad lies the majestic Tatras Mountains which are a part of the Carpathian Mountain range. The High Tatras is an outdoor paradise and you’ll find yourself surrounded by emerald green lakes, rough hiking trails, wild animals and cable cars now and then.  This place has hiking trails for everyone so don’t worry about your experience nor hiking gear. Don’t miss out on the forgotten mountains of Europe.

Kosice: Spis Castle

Go on a day trip to the ruins of Spis Castle, built in the 12th century and one of the biggest castles in Central Europe. Talk a walk from wall to wall and enjoy the scenery of the High Tatras mountain in the background. This castle will take you back in time and educate you on Slovakia’s story and culture.

Brno: Moravian Karst

The area of Moravian Karts contains more than 1.100 caverns and gorges. Each cave has something different to offer with low hanging dropstones, deep abysses or underground rivers. We especially recommend going on a small cruise on one of the Punkva Cave’s underground rivers.  Moravian Karst is one of the natural wonders of the Czech Republic and will truly be an experience for anyone.

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