Do the Scandinavian loop and melt together with the unmerciful nature of the North and the culture of the Nordic folk. You think you know what Scandinavia is all about, but you really don’t. You will experience trendy urban areas combined with the dark forest, majestic rock formations, bottomless lakes, and tiny villages. This trip will take off in the heart of Copenhagen and go straight north all the way through Sweden to the point beyond what you thought was civilization. At the top of Sweden, the train will do a U-turn and cut its way down through the rough mountains of Norway. One of the most beautiful train rides in the world.  


Copenhagen - Stockholm - Kiruna - Narvik - Bodø - Trondheim - Bergen - Hardangervidda - Oslo - Strömstad - Gothenburg - Copenhagen

*You might have to reserve a seat during some distances on this route. Click here for more information about seat reservations or visit or download the Rail Planner App.

The boat and ferry operators on this route are unfortunately not a part of the interrail pass. 


Kiruna: Northern Light Husky Ride

Want an experience beyond anything? Chase the Northern light on a husky sled in the North of Sweden. Jump on a husky sled and ride into the night with a friend and your guide. Remember to look up while steering the sled, because the sky will arguably be covered by glittering stars and the Northern light will dance uncontrollably. Build a campfire and get to know your guide and the culture while embracing the cold wilderness. Students receive a huge discount.

Lofoten Islands

Take the ferry through the Lofoten Islands in Norway. These isolated islands are located north of the polar circle and are a part of a wild and untamed landscape. The Lofoten Islands have a strong bond to the time of Vikings and here you will experience the old and brutal culture of the Scandinavian folk. Visit during the summer and watch the Northern light dances in the sky from the end of May to mid-June.

Bergen or Flåm: Hardangervidda

Get into til wild in the National Park of Hardangervidda in Norway! A couple of hours from either Bergen or Flåm lies the biggest mountain plateau of Northern Europe.  Visit this amazing park if you are into stunning views and trekking in the ruthless nature. You can never trust the weather forecast at Hardangervidda and nature will always try to surprise you. Bring out your inner hiker.

Scenic routes: Kiruna – Narvik or Bergen – Oslo

Both train routes are placed in The Guardian’s top 10 of Europe’s most scenic train journeys. Interrail is not about getting from A to B as fast as possible, but more a matter of enjoying and embracing the slow way of travel. These two routes showcase this mindset and are therefore not to be missed! Go in the summer when the sun barely sets and experience the endless passing of forests, lakes, and mountains.

Strömstad: Koster Islands

If you are not done with nature at this point, we highly recommend a short visit to the Koster Islands. These islands are located a short ferry ride from Strömstad but offers a thousand things to do. All in regards to nature. Go hiking, swimming, snorkeling, biking, kayaking at these beautiful isolated islands.

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