What do you know about the Baltic? That’s what we thought! This route will throw you in a loop of valuable memories and unconventional cities. Start off by giving in to the charming Nordic cultures before crossing the sea (discount on ferry with interrail pass) to the mystic lands of the Baltic. Be one of the first travelers to interrail Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Continue south to the underrated city of Warszawa and head straight  West to hipster Berlin. Finish off in wonderful Copenhagen reflecting on what just happened.


Copenhagen - Stockholm - Helsinki - Tallinn - Riga - Vilnius - Warszawa - Berlin - Copenhagen

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Helsinki: The Sauna

Saunas are an everyday necessity for the culture of Finland and you have try it out yourself in order to know why. The sauna, also known as ‘the poor man’s pharmacy’, will improve your blood circulation, strengthen your immune system, and heal your wounds. Everything you need for your interrail journey. The sauna is an all-year-round experience and it will definitely keep you on your toes no matter what.

Riga: The Swamps

Take a hike in the swampland, Dzelves-Kroņa Purvs, which lies 60 km. North of Riga. You will have to go beyond the Latvian woods and deep into the bushland in order to reach the swamp. Hiking here, you will need a pair of snowshoes which your guide will provide you. The colors of the swamp are something else, but be careful of your steps, because you can easily sink in the swamps.

Vilnius: The ‘Republic’ of Užupis

The ‘Republic’ of Užupis is a self-proclaimed area in the Eastern part of Vilnius. The district is known for its bohemian and artistic culture and it even has its own anthem, constitution, president, and bishop. The community is often compared to the Freetown of Christiania in Copenhagen and host approx. 1000 artists in a total population of 7000. Don’t miss this quirky district and remember to get your passport stamped in a small handicraft store.

 Warszawa: Bungee Jump

View the Polish capital from a different angle. In the city’s Wola district a local company, Jumping, organizes bungee jumping from a height of 90 meters off a custom-made tower. Take a good look at the skyline of Warszawa before feeling the adrenalin rushing through your body. The experienced instructors will guide and help you through the thrilling and nervewracking experience.

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