Interrail on the Spanish pilgrimage route and experience the coolest cities of both Spain and Portugal. The Southwestern Pilgrimage will take you from the land of wine, Bordeaux, and down to the chill Basque country. Make your way to the West coast of Spain and come face to face with the Camino walk. Go south to Portugal’s most stunning cities and finish off in trendy Madrid. Sit on the train back to Bordeaux and reflect on your journey. This is your pilgrimage!


Bordeaux - Biarritz - San Sebastian - Bilbao - Santiago de Compostela - Porto - Lisboa - Madrid - Bordeaux

*You have to reserve a seat during the distances on this route. Click here for more information about seat reservations or visit or download the Rail Planner App.  


Biarritz: Surf

Surf up in Biarritz! Some say this small French town is the birthplace of surf in Europe which might explain why surf is completely integrated into the culture of the region. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are at surfing; Biarritz has recommended surf schools for beginners and waves for the experts. Some of the biggest international-surfing competitions take place right here.  Get in the mood and embrace the lifestyle of surfing.

Santiago de Compostela: The Camino Walk

Santiago de Compostela is the hotspot of the Camino routes in Spain and Portugal. So, when in Rome: Why not try out a bit of the best, most famous, and most rewarding hikes in the world? You can either walk half a day and return to the city at night or you can do a full 6 days walk to Fisterra on the West coast. Whatever suits you, just get out on the open round and under the blue sky. 

Lisboa: Day trip to Sintra

Take the train from Lisboa and ride 40 min. West to the quiet town of Sintra. The Portuguese town is hidden within the pine-covered hills of the Serra de Sintra.  Here you’ll get a proper insight into the Portuguese culture through historic buildings and stunning attractions. Take the train back to Lisboa when you have finished wandered the streets and castles.

Madrid: El Rasto

Skip the dull shopping at the mall and go to one of Spain’s biggest flea markets; El Rasto. Every Sunday more than 3.500 stalls open in the heart of Madrid. This flea market is structured chaos and the word ‘random’ describes the portfolio of items at best. Go and hustle your way through this one.

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