Imagine rolling down Europe just to explore the culture and the hidden city-gems of Eastern Europe. This interrail route will not take you through the basic cities that we all know. However, you will come to face with unknown cultures, discover authentic cities and breathtaking landscapes. Embrace the slow-travel trend and exploit the affordable prices of Eastern Europe. Your journey will take you from the trendy Berlin to the border of Europe, Istanbul. Travel back home by train or flight with an extra baggage of experiences and memories. This is the full Interrail experience in a nutshell!


Berlin - Brno - Budapest - Sibiu - Bucharest - Sofia - Istanbul

*You don’t have to make a seat reservation on this route. Click here for more information about seat reservations or visit or download the Rail Planner App.


Brno: Moravian Karst

The area of Moravian Karts contains more than 1.100 caverns and gorges. Each cave has something different to offer with low hanging dropstones, deep abysses or underground rivers. We especially recommend going on a small cruise on one of the Punkva Cave’s underground rivers.  Moravian Karst is one of the natural wonders of the Czech Republic and will truly be an experience for anyone.

 Budapest: Kiraly Bath

Visit the Kiraly Bath in the center of Budapest and travel back to the 16th century. Kiraly Bath is the oldest thermal bath in all of Budapest and it is screaming for restoration which only adds on to the atmosphere. Enjoy the tempered pools in the dim light of the sun reaching through the old dome holes. In Kiraly Bath, you will without a doubt experience the history and culture of Budapest firsthand.

Sibiu: Bâlea Waterfall

1,5 hours by bus from Sibiu you will find the beautiful Bâlea Lake and the Bâlea Waterfall located in the ‘Transylvanian Alps’. Experience the hairpin turn of the famous Transfagarasan Road (only open from July to October) or travel 3.7 km by an old school cable car on your way to Bâlea Waterfall. Either way, you will be sucked into the rough and unspoiled nature of Romania.

Sofia: River rafting on Iskar River

Escape the city life for a day and hop on the train, ride north for 2 hours and thrilling river rafting down Iskar River will await you. This rafting trip is suitable for anyone and will definitely leave a mark in the old memory. Your guide will provide you everything you need and takes you down Iskar River in a safe manner but bear in mind that you will not return with dry feet.  

Istanbul: The Intercontinental Derby

The Turkish people are passionate people and whether you care about football or not, you should not miss out on a rivalry match between Istanbul’s two major football clubs: Galatasaray SK and Fenerbahçe SK. This rivalry dates almost 100 years back and it is an exciting way to experience and understand the culture of Istanbul. During a match, the atmosphere on the stadium is boiling, the noise is intimidating, and the hardcore fans seem out of control. This experience will sit with you for a while.

Other: If you arrive at Istanbul end of June, we would also recommend going to the annual Oil Wrestling Festival in Edirne (3 hours by car west of Istanbul).

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