We could all use a bit of posh now and then and that’s why you should visit the beautiful and elegant cities of Northern Italy. This route will not take you through the crowded Italian places, but instead, you will escape mass tourism at its worst and experience the real Italian culture. Start off in the heart of Europe, Munich, and make your way down south to what its all about. Cross the Alps and experience the most spectacular mountain scenery from your train seat. First stop in Italy is the charming city of Trento. From here and on, Italy will spoil you and your senses.


Munich - Innsbruck - Trento - Bergamo - Turin - Genoa

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Trento: Orrido di Ponte Alto

Just outside of the Trento resides a spectacular canyon with waterfalls. The rail through the canyon was closed off in almost 35 years before it was reopened in 2015. A special guide will take you through the carved red rock canyon and beneath the waterfalls. Worth a visit if you are done exploring the city of Trento.

Bergamo: Lake Iseo (Lago d’Iseo)

Flee the city and visit the beautiful Lake Iseo which lies 30 km. east of Bergamo. Lake Iseo is surrounded by olive trees and is a truly hidden Italian gem. Somehow, this lake has so far escaped the mass tourism. Iseo offers every outdoor activity you’ll ever need such as swimming, hiking, biking, canoeing, and kite surfing. However, pure relaxation by the lake is always an option. 

Turin: Club To Club Festival

If you are into having your mind blown by live music, this one is for you. Turin is once again hosting the 19th edition of the electronic/pop/avant-garde music festival, Club To Club. This global event contains more than 30.000 participants from 45 countries, 100 artists, and 50 shows. Embrace the long night and go crazy with the locals in the center of Turin. The date of 2020 is yet to be announced., but it took place 30th October back in 2019.

Ivrea: The Battle of the Oranges

Ivrea, a small town between Torin and Milano hosts an annual 3-day carnival at the end of February. The carnival holds a range of traditional re-enactments, parades, and activities. However, the most important and fun one is The Battle of Oranges. It’s basically Italy’s biggest food-fight between the squads of Aranceri on foot and the Napoleonic troops in carts. Throwing oranges at each other in a small Italian town will definitely leave a mark in the old memory. Remember protective helmets and padding though.

Genoa: Boccadasse the fishing village

Boccadasse is many locals' favorite ‘corner’ of Genoa. Escape the hustle of the city center and take the bus to this small fishing village. Take a walk and a drink by the sea while the local fishermen are waiting to go out on the sea.  The sunset goes perfectly with the colorful houses which creates a truly special atmosphere.

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