A journey through the glorious and forgotten Balkans is a journey for those with a curious mind, and love for the adventure. On your journey, you will come across tiny villages, abandoned buildings desperate for restoration, brutal mountains and bounty beaches out of this world. Take off in Slovenia and take a quick detour to the adventurous Lake Bled. Jump on the train to Zagreb and make your way down to Split and Dubrovnik on the tropical South coast. Take the bus across the border and fight your way up through Bosnia and Herzegovina and its passionate people. Meet the locals and approach unknown places by either bus or train. Places you cannot reach by plane.


Ljubljana - Bled - Zagreb - Split - Dubrovnik - Mostar - Sarajevo - Banja Luka - Zagreb

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We have listed a few great experiences, but we have even more cool experiences and activities in the Balkans on our website. Check it out!

Bled: Mountain Bike Tour

The mountains and area surrounding Bled are just perfect for mountain biking. Discover the wilderness of the Slovenian nature on your bike while you ride the forest trails. The mountain bike tour can be done on any level and you can even book a guided tailor-made tour where experienced local guides will guide you on scenic routes.

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Bled: Canyoning Adventure

If you visit Bled, you must go on a canyoning adventure! Think of canyoning as a natural water park. Your guide will take you through the rugged canyon filled with obstacles and deep water holes. Climb the rocks, jump off waterfalls, explore caves,  and make your through a beautiful yet rough Slovenian canyon. Safety equipment will be provided.     

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Split: Island Hopping to Brac

Croatia has many islands in the Adriatic Sea, and they are not to be missed! Split is the perfect starting point for a good old island hopping. Take the ferry to the island Brac and explore the rugged landscapes and tropical beaches. If you are really getting into the relaxation-mode, we recommend you hit the beach of Zlatni Rat located on the South coast. This beach is also known as the ‘Golden Horn’ and it probably has the most crystal-clear water in the world.

Mostar: Stari Most Bridge

The Stari Most bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks of Bosnia and deserves a visit. A masterpiece built in 1566 and destroyed in 1993 in the Bosnian war, the bridge now stands majestic again. The young local men are showcasing their pride and manhood by jumping off the 24-meter-high arch. Pay this unique architectural wonder a visit on your journey!

Foca: White River Rafting

A short bus ride from Sarajevo lies the city, Foca which is a starting point for thrilling white river rafting. Bosnia and Herzegovina is well known for its white river rafting. To be more specific, Bosnia has four white rivers which all rank amongst Europe’s best class rivers. This adventure will jump your adrenaline and surprise you with untouched wilderness and stunning landscapes.

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Sarajevo: Night Hike Trebevic Mountain

A lot of people have been hiking before, but only a few have been night hiking. Just outside Sarajevo rises the Trebevic mountain and overlooks the city and the region. Leave the city in the afternoon and begin your hike through the Balkan forest and admire the sunset covering the mountains. At the summit, you will be able to see the busy life of Sarajevo in the valley, but you will hear complete silence and notice the millions of stars above you. Celebrate your achievement with a drink at the local mountain huts nearby.

Sarajevo: Hiking in Sutjeska National Park

Visit the Yosemite of Southeast Europe! A two-hour drive from Sarajevo you’ll find yourself deep into the majestic canyon of Sutjeska River. Walk around in the thick Bosnian forest and take a peek at the Skakavac waterfall in the valley of Perucica. At the edge of the forest lies the glacier lake Trnovacko surrounded by great mountains. Have an ice-cold refreshing swim, enjoy your lunch and head back to civilization while the sun is setting. Take the opportunity to experience this unspoiled and almost unknown hike.

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