Who can get enough of Italy? Do the Deep Italy and get the full and in-depth Italian experience. Start your journey surrounded by mountains in the fantastic and authentic Northern Italy. To escape the mainland, we recommend taking the night ferry to the island of hand gestures: Sicily. Take the ferry back to the mainland just to end up in Naples where the pizza will blow your mind. Make your way back the sunny West coast of Italy and arrive tired but satisfied in Milano.


Milano - Genoa - La Spezia - Livorno - Palermo - Naples - Foggia - Rimini - Milano

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Ferry: Interrail Pass holders get a 20% discount on ship passage and 10% discount on accommodation (cabin, berth, pullman seats). Ferry operator on this route: Grimaldi Lines Ferry. Go to: for more information. 


Ivrea: The Battle of the Oranges

Ivrea, a small town between Torin and Milano hosts an annual 3-day carnival at the end of February. The carnival holds a range of traditional re-enactments, parades, and activities. However, the most important and fun one is The Battle of Oranges. It’s basically Italy’s biggest food-fight between the squads of Aranceri on foot and the Napoleonic troops in carts. Throwing oranges at each other in a small Italian town will definitely leave a mark in the old memory. Remember protective helmets and padding though.

Genoa: Boccadasse the fishing village

Boccadasse is many locals' favorite ‘corner’ of Genoa. Escape the hustle of the city center and take the bus to this small fishing village. Take a walk and a drink by the sea while the local fishermen are waiting to go out on the sea.  The sunset goes perfectly with the colorful houses which creates a truly special atmosphere.

Sicily: Mount Etna

When in Sicily: Hike Europe’s highest volcano and one of the most active ones in the World. Etna is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and more than 3327 m.  high, the volcano overlooks the entire region. The various hiking routes to the summit take you through woods, verdant orchards, caves, and lunar landscapes. During the winter, Mount Etna provides the opportunity of different snow sports. 

Naples: The Beach Town of Bacoli

Escape the city together with the locals of Naples and take the bus from Naples to the beautiful beach town: Bacoli. This small town contains sandy beaches, quaint harbors, and stunning lakes. Buy a gelato from the local shop and stroll down the beach and breathe in the fresh air from the ocean. Eat amongst the locals and feel the true Italian culture.

Rimini: Daytrip to San Marino

When in Rimini you should pop by the independent Republic of San Marino which is covering 60 square km. in the West-Central part of Italy. Get your passport stamped and stroll through the historic city and absorb the culture. Take the cable car from the capital to the top of a mountain to clear your head and get an overview of this small and proud republic. Don’t miss it.

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