We might have an idea of Europe as a controlled civilized, (too) well-structured space. But Europe has a vast number of pockets with unexpected sides. Unexpected wild nature. Unexpected Klondike. Unexpected edge.

So we have cooked up some suggestions that are worth a look, either for explorations on your own, or to join in some adventures with local guides. Routes that with a good chance meet some of the key ingredients in what we at KILROY regard as the perfect journey. Use the routes for inspiration. Then create your own personal exploration.

We want you to meet the locals and hang out with them, we want you to try the local cuisine – not least where the locals dine, we want you to experience the lived life, and get under the skin of their culture. It will not always happen by itself. Reach out, be curious. Go down the side roads, jump off the train at spontaneous places. It is often when you detour from the planned route, that the best experiences happen.

By train hopping and using local transportation your CO2 footprint is low. Yet your adventure is beyond the ordinary.