Interrail is back. In the golden '80s, KILROY was associated with Interrail. Interrail & KILROY  were synonymous with freedom, to travel out with openness; in time, route and approach. Hundreds of thousands of young independent travelers ventured out into the corners of Europe. With sustainability consciousness in one hand and curiosity in the other, we believe interrail is the perfect way to roam Europe. There are a good bunch of unknown spots worth a visit in what we call 'The Exotic Nearby'. In the Balkans, in the East, in Northern Spain, in Scandinavia, and more to come.  Go Explore these places, meet the unexpected, get in behind the scenes. Avoid places struggling with over-tourism. Go for the local vibe. 

A rail journey opens up the landscape. It cuts through the backlands, through sheer beauty deep into the edges and heart of Europe. So it´s about using the stops in your favor. The fantastic part of a rail journey is that you are the captain - you define where to stop. Stop somewhere else than you planned, just once at least. A sniff around. Mix nature with culture, cool life with the backroads, the slowness with speed of light.

A rail journey is a slow travel. There are speed trains, acknowledged, but the reality is that compared to flying rail is slow. You have time to transfer your busy daily life into flow. Gear down.

Travel like a local - Meet people. Onboard and off-board. Be open, reach out. Guaranteed the further you venture out, the more you will be invited in. Find a seat next to locals, who might just be commuting from one station to another, and break a conversation. We know from experience that the aspect we tend to remember the most from a journey is the people we meet along the way. 

Make the journey on board the train an exploration, with all its sounds and shakes and flow. You have time. Time to indulge the landscape, the colors, the light, and the life passing by outside the window. You have time to meet other people on board the train, share stories, discuss, make friends, walk around, hang out in new places. Get off for a moment when the train stops. Make yourself a sharp playlist at home that fits the rhythm of the train.

A rail journey is climate-friendly. At least, like buses, a pretty sustainable way of exploring. Your footprint is comparatively low. At each new destination try out other new means of local transportation. Rent a bike. It gives you the freedom and gets you closer to the locals.


Interrail is a train pass, a flexible way of roaming and exploring Europe. With train connections to more than 40.000 destinations, through 31 countries, the possibilities for creating your real personal adventure are unlimited! The interrail global pass gives access to a large number of train routes in Europe with very few exceptions. Though the interrail global pass is valid for most train routes, there are extra fees on some special trains and specific routes where reservations are needed. 


Tourism is growing year on year. And tourists tend to visit the same places, creating bottlenecks and overtourism. The impact can be huge. Barcelona and Venice as examples are struggling to find a balance between being a tourist destination, an attractive town to visit, and not least an attractive town to live in for the locals.

Tourism can be a means of positive impact on the local economy, on quality of life. But locals have, with good reason, started questioning mass tourism and the impact it has on them

When we travel, what we experience and the locals we meet often has a huge impact on how we feel the journey was. So if the locals are not happy to live their life in the community they live in - to put it simply – it is not a place travelers will love to visit. So we need to strike a balance

There is a huge task to be done, and in some cities, they are already working hard on finding the delicate balance, by involving the locals, in the process. A travel provider like KILROY, and a traveler, like you, can in the way we travel, and with the places we go, be part of the solution.