Make your stay an experience!

Why not make your stay an experience? You can’t find an ambient hostel and that very special place to stay in all towns and places you hit - we know that. But when the option is there, go for it. We have gathered an inspirational list for you below, which we think is worth checking out. Some places are unique in their own rights, some have a perfect setting to meet other travelers. Most of them are hostels, at a good price-level.


Kolarbyn, (Stockholm), Sweden

A couple of hours from Stockholm you will find one of the most primitive hotels with wilderness lodges. Shower time, just go for a swim, as there are no showers. Dinnertime, you cook everything from scratch using primitive kitchen tools. An ecolodge in its true sense!


7 Fells Hostel, Äkäslompolo, Finland

The most northern hostel in Finland, where you might have the chance to spot the wonderful northern lights and a sky full of stars. The hostel is exactly like you imagine a typical Finnish home, warm and cosy with wooden furniture.


Marken Guesthouse, Bergen, Norway

Right in the center of Bergen you will find this homely hostel, Marken Guesthouse. The staff are very welcoming and always ready to help you whether you are looking for adventure or tips on what to see in the local area.


The Circus Hostel, Berlin, Germany

Here you are at the right location with the right atmosphere, in an environmentally friendly hostel with 100% green energy from renewable resources. You will feel welcome there is always something going on, with either beer nights, live DJs or quiz nights. .


Lucky Lake Hostel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A little bit away from the city center, but a free shuttle bus will bring you out here. The hostel has a great ambiance and is a good spot for exploring the area. The rooms are the most iconic rooms you will find, as they are all caravans.


The Bunk Taksim Hostel, Istanbul, Turkey

Less than a decade ago this place was in ruins. Today the crown of the hostel is the roof top lounge where you will have a splendid view of Istanbul and the Bosporus.


Mosaic House, Prague, Czech Republic

This is not only a nice and impressive hostel, but it is also a very ecofriendly hostel, they produce 0% emission – as they have solar collectors, heat recuperation and good insulations. You will find both a boutique hotel and a social fun hostel in this building.


The Swanky Mint Hostel, Zagreb, Croatia

When you are in Croatia, you should stay at the Swanky Mint Hostel. The hostel is the most awarded hostel in Croatia and is a perfect place for design hunters. The industrial design is taken to the next level and falls in with the history as the building was a dry cleaning and textile-dye factory in the 19th century.


The Fair and Square Hostel, Belgrade, Serbia

This is one of the most popular spots for your stay in Belgrade. The garden of the hostel is the perfect hang out for a summer BBQ and has a cool and relaxed atmosphere.


Lavender Circus, Budapest, Hungary

“Pictures say more than a thousand words” and for Lavender Circus this is a true sentence. The rooms are individually decorated with hand drawings and the ambience is fantastic. The area is one of the coziest places in Budapest.


Hostel Old Plovdiv, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

In a beautiful heritage building, you will find this hostel, that you could describe as a boutique bed and breakfast hotel. You will be just a stroll from the main attractions and will be able to experience the old town of Plovdiv.


Celica Art Hostel, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Welcome to a former prison and your place to stay in Ljubljana. It took more than a decade for a persistent group of artists to convince the authorities to use the ex-prison. Today it is a very interesting place to stay and there have been more than 80 artists from around the world to convert the prison to Celica Art Hostel.


The Nomad, Seville, Spain

Welcome to the ecofriendly, The Nomad, in Seville. You will not find any TV inside The Nomad, but there is plenty of place to relax and to get in touch with fellow travelers. Use the rooftop terrace and make sure to check out the events happening here.


Surfing Etxea, San Sebastian, Spain

The hostel is located centrally and right next to the beach. If you either come by here on your trip for the Camino, to hit the waves or just to relax – this is the place to be in San Sebastian. The atmosphere is friendly, and the surroundings are comfortable.


Slow City Hostel, Pontevedra, Spain

Only 100 meters away from the Portuguese route of the Camion you will find this 100-year-old family house, which is restored with the original spirit of the 20’s.


Secret Garden Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal

The hostel is located right in the trendy neighborhood of Lisbon. The style is modern, but with a touch of Portuguese design. Enjoy the sun on the terrace and meet fellow travelers and challenge them with an 8 ball game.


Selina Porto, Porto, Portugal

Just steps from Selina Porto you will find restaurants, bars and the city center. When you walk in you will be met with the food truck serving lunch or if you come in the evening the DJ will play the coolest vibes. Welcome to a place with a real traveler feeling.