About Interrail

What is Interrail?

In what countries are the Interrail Pass valid?

Where can I get more information about Interrail?

Where can I find a time table of the different trains?

Which railway companies can I travel with?

The Passes

What Interrail Pass should I choose?

What are the different age limits for the different Passes?

Can everyone get an Interrail Pass?

How do you count “travel days”?

What happens if I lose the ticket or it gets stolen?

Which pass should I choose – continuous or flexi?

Why do you need “start date” on the Pass?

What is the difference between 1st and 2nd Class?

What is the Travel Diary?

Can I buy an Interrail One Country Pass at KILROY?

What is the most popular Interrail Passes?

Do you offer discount on the Passes?

I want to change my start date, is that possible?

Seat reservations

How does seat reservations work?

Do I HAVE to make seat reservations?

Can you help me with seat reservations?

Can I receive the seat reservation tickets on mail?

How long time in advance should you make seat reservations?

Why do I have to pay for seat reservations when I already have an Interrail Pass?


Where can I find an overview of the different train network?

I´m planning to travel around one country only, does the Interrail Pass also work here?

I´m travelling from Denmark, do I have to make a seat reservation to Germany?

What documents and ID do I need to bring on my trip?

I´m 18 years old and heard I could get the Interrail Pass for free?

Can I travel with an Interrail Pass in my home country (country of residence)?

Do you have an app?

What should I do if my train gets cancelled?

Can I buy my Interrail Pass at the local KILROY office?

My Interrail Pass has incorrect passport number as I got a new passport since I placed my order - what should I do?

How safe are my belongings on the train, are there lockers?

How does luggage work on trains?

Are their any visas required in any of the countries of Interail?

Do night trains have showers and toilets?

Do I need to bring a sleeping bag on a night train?

Do all trains have WIFI?

Do all trains have AirCon/Fans/Ventilation?


I am in a wheelchair, can I Interrail?

Shipping, delivery and returns

I will travel in a few days, can you send the Interrail Pass to me online?

When can I expect my tickets to arrive?

I won´t use my seat reservation, can I have it refunded?

Why do I have to pay for shipping?

Can I pick up my Interrail Pass at the local KILROY office?

Can I extend my Interrail pass on the go or upgrade the travel days?